Rambling alert! Sunday, April 6

It’s almost April, and time for our spring ramble. Let’s hope it feels like it. Meet in North End at Bennett Playground at 3:30 sharp on Sunday, April 6. The ramble will conclude by sundown at the same location.

As usual, please don’t forget items necessary to support your wellbeing during these hours, such as good shoes, personal snacks, and hydrating beverages. (It would be nice to stop for refreshment at Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe, but they keep a sane schedule and are closed on Sundays). Our next ramble is scheduled for June 15, right next to Bloomsday.

Speaking of ambulatory holidays, April is full of them, with two national walking days and Take Back the Night happening in the next couple weeks. Check the calendar and celebrate them with us, or visit the blog for frequent updates on these and more walks in Detroit.

Coincidentally, the inaugural meeting of the very promising young Picnic Club Detroit is scheduled for the same day. They’ll be birdwatching from 12-3 in the I-94 Industrial Renaissance Zone, just east of Hamtramck. Ramblers are encouraged to venture out early and see what this is all about.


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