Walk Score not toeing the international border line


Walk Score, the website that rates ease of life as a pedestrian in communities across the country, is afflicted with a nasty bug. DARN rambler Timothy Boscarino reports on this quirk in a tool that has become “more than just a cartographic curiosity.”

I agree that downtown could use a few things (like a bookstore and a place to buy broccoli) but with numerous major employers, almost-affordable housing, parks, shopping, the Rosa Parks Transit Center, and a nifty elevated monorail, it definitely warrants something more than the “car-dependent” red splash seen on the above map.

And why are the (supposedly) least walkable parts of town shaped like perfect right angles? Surely, it must be a math thing!

M-bike blames it all on the Detroit River. Walk Score’s algorithm, according to the blog, “might be okay for swimscore.com but it doesn’t work for walking.”

But water isn’t the real problem.

Follow Boscarino as he explores this on Modeshift, and for more on the topic (including maps!), visit his post “Walk Score gives Detroit the Shaft.”

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