Far afield “along the field of stars”

Photo by Amelia Borofsky

In this thoughtful piece about walking El Camino de Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage in Spain, Amelia Borofsky tells her story and those of the many other intrepid pilgrims she meets, from former beggars, construction workers, and stock brokers to a blind woman. Borofsky spent 44 days on this 497-mile walk, a route travelled since the 8th century. Along the dirt path networked by yellow arrows pointing the way forward, Borofsky writes,

“I come expecting silence, but find people instead. I discover that over 180,000 of us walk every year.

I learn that we literally will follow the Milky Way to Finnistere, known in medieval times as the end of the earth. I always wondered Where the Sidewalk Ends. In Spain, it turns out.”

Read Unemployed, I Went to Spain, to Walk at The Atlantic.

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